Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My First Baby

My First Baby

This is the first app – developed

Now, this app became a part of apps in Virtual Tamil Operating System (For more details refer previous article)

First is first, this thirukkural software made us to feel distinct from others.

(Also certain criticism, which fired us – but we never give up – moved forward like PHOENIX)

Thirukkural software

Its known fact that, Thirukkural, wonderful writings by Thiruvalluvar, soon recognized to be the National book of India.

Its world wide popular for its golden meaning.

Here, its presented as interactive software for today’s fast-growing computing world. (this is the work done before 3 years back as our UG final year project work – not yet published). Atpresent same work, cost around Rs.100 – U can find this info, if u refer various public/private firms.

We decide to release Trail-version as Free of cost - for the welfare of our Tamil community. (Service charges applicable, if any). Interested institutions can contact us for bulk installation and beta-testing.


· Provides Kural,Tamil meaning, English Translation, English meaning with proper audio voice(except for Tamil meaning) for all 1330 Kural and its meanings

· Way to search Kural by its unique no.,Start & Stop Letter

· Way to search Adhigharam by its unique no.

· Print , Auto read , Slideshow options

· ToolTip Guidelines for self-Learning

· Scratchpad like Notepad to take notes, side-by-side

· Advanced animated visual & pleasant Audio effects

· Way to move by sections like Paal,iyal,adhigharam –wise

· Way to navigate next/previous Kural/Adhigharam easily

· Option for exploring importance of Tirukkural

· Option to open Tamil virtual univ website just by an click

· Progress option-to know recently often used Adhighaaram

· All events done, based on proper timer synchronization

· More User-friendly

· Importance given to easy access to actual content

· Much Flexible for rework/Future enhancements


Its time to remember all our guides (Mrs.R.Rajadevi, Mr.T.M.Saravanan, Mr.Kamalraj…).

Thanks to all the persons – staffs, students, friends & relatives…- who added values to our works.

Feel free post ur suggestions & comments.



For Video demo:


Visit the following link:


Use this link to get info:



As most prefered to view "Virtual Tamil Operating System Trail Version Trail" - VIDEO online itself,
its uploaded in videos.
Interested persons just view it online as per suggestions.
Browser-> -> type "Tamil operating System" click search -> Click videos option in left side (it shows d video search results).
-> select second video titled "Virtual Tamil Operating System"

Just click to open it -> View it online (Download if u wish).



For more details contact:

Saran Solutions Team

Ph: +91- 97895 02974, +91- 9994666083

FaceBook: Saran Kumar


E-mail Id:


Frequently asked questions


Why u people raise hands for TAMIL EELAM ? Reason behind?

Related just by means of TAMIL BLOOD (apart from our various diversities)– Against the genocidal Singhalese ghost. Nearly we lost aroud 2 Lakh people in past few decades alone, just because only reason that we are Tamils – eventhough Lanka got benefitted lot from us in last century beginnings, V Tamilians denied for all basic rights, treated worst than animals in most cases. Till 1970’s Tamil Eelam Gandhi – Mr.Selva’s death, we Tamil people tolerated all the pains- fought just thru non-violence. Got cheated by various means – Atlast made to took weopons to safegaurd us from opponent Singhalese.

“புலிகளின் தாகம் தமிழீழ தாயகம்”

(More details will be followed in forthcoming articles)



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